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GolfDisco Exclusive

GolfDisco Exclusive "Summer Fling"

Check out our cool "SUMMER FLING" custom/collector stamp, exclusively available on! Designed by Skeet Scienski who worked very closely with our very own Sue to create a stamp to her specifications! This stamp is one you won't want to miss. The first run of this design was released on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022!
Summer Fling Paradox, GolfDisco exclusive
The FIRST RUN was printed on:
50 AXIOM Proton CRAVE 
50 STREAMLINE Cosmic Neutron TRACE
Foils for this first run were, Jellybean, Blue Shatter, and Red Metallic
Summer Fling Eclipse ENVY, GolfDisco exclusive
The SECOND RUN (October 2022) of the "Summer Fling" was printed on:
75 Eclipse ENVY's
75 Soft Neutron Glitch
Foils for this run were Black, Silver, and Rainbow Fade                                                                       
Our "Summer Fling" design was a smashing success! While we don't have any upcoming plans to release more discs, we're keeping the possibility open for the future. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or Blog for any updates.
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