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GolfDisco Original

GolfDisco Original "Koi Nishikigoi"

Introducing the Koi Nishikigoi - a disc that'll make your disc golf friends go crazy! Our exclusive triple foil design adds flair, style and pizzazz to any disc bag. Show off the stunning orange and teal koi fish pattern with pride on the course, or make it a wall hanger. After all, it's too beautiful not to look at!

Our initial run of the "Koi Nishikigoi" was stamped on: 

90 MVP Soft Neutron Glitch, 65 Fission Crave,  and 50 Neutron Echo for a total of 175 currently in circulation.  The Foils used in this initial run were Holo Gold, Black, and Teal Metallic.

GolfDisco exclusive, Koi Nishikigoi

Koi Nishikigoi GolfDisco exclusive Glitch 

The second Run of the Koi Nishikigoi was on 174 Discs from Though Space Athletics!  Release Date was August 24th, 2023. 

10 Aura Animus, 10 Aura Construct, 10 Aura Omen, 15 Aura Pathfinder, 10 Aura Votum, 35 Ethereal Animus, 35 Ethereal Pathfinder, 14 Ethos Animus, 14 Ethos Omen, 10 Nebula Aura Mantra and 15 Nebula Ethereal Synapse. 

The 3rd run of the Koi Nishikigoi will release on 50 firm Electron Pixels, 50 Streamline Echo, 50 Fission Rhythm, and 50 Eclipse Crave.  Foil colors on the 3rd run are Black, Copper, and Light Metallic Blue. 


The Koi Design was first drawn by our team artist Ula and the second run was remastered by our team artist Rachel. 

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