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GolfDisco Exclusive

GolfDisco Exclusive "Acecatcher"

A dreamcatcher catches dreams, but an Acecatcher catches Aces!  We wanted to design the ultimate Lucky Charm for a Disc Golfer.  This AceCatcher was designed by Cory Fausch and only 50 of these are in circulation!  

Released in April 2022

We ran 25 Neutron Photon's and 25 Neutron Volt's featuring a Blue Holo Foil design. The best part? These are the only ones in existence, as we have retired the design and there will be no future runs. Do you have one of these highly coveted items in your collection?

GolfDisco exclusive "AceCatcher" designed by Cory Fausch

GolfDisco exclusive "AceCatcher"

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