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GolfDisco Exclusive,

GolfDisco Exclusive, "The Jimi"

The GolfDisco exclusive "The Jimi" was designed by Skeet Scienski and is a tribute to the guitar legend himself!

The Artist Edition run went on 200 MVP Neutron Entropy's. and 100 MVP Cosmic Neutron Entropy's.  It was stamped with Purple Metallic, Rainbow Stripes, and Brushed Silver.  This initial run all whipped with a  Certificate of Authenticity and a matching 3" round Sticker.  Our Artist Edition runs also said Artist Edition on the disc and featured colored foils that matched the Artist's original design.  This disc was released in March 2022.

"The Jimi" GolfDisco Exclusive, Neutron Entropy

The second run of "The Jimi" went on 50 Plasma Trace, 75 Eclipse Envy, and 75 Eclipse Proxy.  This run featured Jellybean foil, Brushed Silver, and Black foils.  This run was released in May 2022.  

 GolfDisco Exclusive "The Jimi" Eclipse ENVY

So for all you Jimi lovers out there how many of these stellar designs are currently in circulation?  At the Moment there are 500!  300 first run (Artist Edition) and 200 second run.  

While we currently have no plans to release more discs with this design, the possibility remains open.

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