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GolfDisco Exclusive

GolfDisco Exclusive "Disc Golf Samurai"

Are you a Disc Golf Samurai? Then step into the dojo with the "Disc Golf Samurai" triple foil designed discs! 

From outside the dojo walls, even the most casual observers can tell that this disc has something special to offer. Its sleek design is as much about style as it is about power and precision. The vibrant triple Foils give the disc a unique look that stands out from the group during your rounds!

This disc is the ultimate way to pay homage to a classic Manga comic! Whether you're chucking it on the course or proudly showcasing it in your collection, it's guaranteed to be a blast.

The initial run of the "Disc Golf Samurai" was realeased June 17th, 2023 on:

80 Soft Neutron Glitch, 65 Axiom Fission Fireball, and 70 Axiom Fission Hex.  So currently there are a total of 205 Disc Golf Samurai discs in circulation.  

Disc Golf Samurai, a GolfDisco exclusive


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