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Catrina Allen - Team Prodigy

Catrina Allen - Team Prodigy

2x World Champion Catrina Allen is a Staple on the FPO Lead card.  She has 5 Victories already this season with the most recent one being the MVP Open.  

This collection showcases the discs that she relies on when on the course! 

For Max Distance Catrina uses the D1, D3, and her Signature X3

For her Fairway Drivers you can see her regularly throwing a F3, and the F7

Cat throws the M4 and the M2 for her Midrange game, using varying stages of wear to cover all the flights that she needs. 

Cat Putts with a PA-1, and will sometimes use a Premium PA-1 for overstable approaches.  She will sometimes pull out a PA-4 for short turnover approaches. 

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