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Westside Discs 2 New Premium Disc Golf Backpacks, The Noble & The Empire.

Westside Discs 2 New Premium Disc Golf Backpacks, The Noble & The Empire.

If you are a Trilogy or Westside Discs fan and have been wanting a Top of the Line Disc Golf Bag to help you get around the course, you are in luck!  Hot off the Press we have the Westside Noble and Westside Empire!  These Premium Disc Golf bags are built to last and will carry everything you need for a casual or tournament round with ease!  

Westside Discs Empire Disc Golf Backpack

The Empire (Available Here) will hold up to 24 Drivers in its main compartment and plenty of room for towels, rain gear, snacks and essentials.  There is also room for two 32 ounce Water Bottles to keep you hydrated during the round.  The Easy to access putter pockets will keep your most used discs in reach and the padded straps will hold it snug to your body spreading out the weight evenly to reduce stress on the hike in between holes.  

Westside Discs Empire Premium Disc Golf Bag |

Westside Discs Noble Disc Golf Backpack

The Noble is a slightly smaller backpack with the same premium build.  It will fit up to 22 drivers in the main compartment and still has four side pockets for essentials, 2 water bottle compartments, a putter pocket, and overhead compartment that would hold your rain gear or extra discs.  You can pick up your Noble today Here!


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