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Swirly S-Line Cloudbreaker Coming August 17th!

Swirly S-Line Cloudbreaker Coming August 17th!

Cloudbreakers Available Now!!

The Long Awaited Debut of Discmania Manufacturing's S-Line Plastic is almost here!  I could not think of a better disc for it to be either!  An Eagle McMahon Signature Swirly S-Line DD3 Cloudbreaker is coming your way August 17th @ 11AM EST.  

The Cloudbreaker will help you achieve Maximum Distance and offers the control needed to stay in the fairway while doing it!  High Power Players will get a Huge Flex with forehand and backhand shots while those with a bit less power can still enjoy the tremendous speed and glide!  

These discs will have a Special Blend that will have a soft feel and beautiful swirls! will have these on release day so stay tuned! 

 Swirly S Line Cloudbreaker DD3 Distance Driver |

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