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The Des Reading 2nd Run Swirly Apex Goats are Here! (Release 1/31 @ 6pm EST)

The Des Reading 2nd Run Swirly Apex Goats are Here! (Release 1/31 @ 6pm EST)

Do you love Goats?  Who doesn't right, they are so cute and adorable! Especially the round ones that you can throw really far! The all-new Des Reading 2nd Run Swirly Apex Goats have arrived, and they’re a Team Mint favorite. The second run of these incredible discs feature more dome, and a straighter initial flight. They’re absolute crushers at high speeds, and are the perfect disc for your next round of disc golf. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these new apex goats so special.

The Flight Path
Des Reading's 2nd run swirly apex goats fly further than ever before. With more dome and a straighter initial flight path, you can count on these discs to go exactly where you need them to go—and stay there. They behave like drivers when throwing at high speeds and provide an impressive amount of glide time in the air, making them ideal for long distance drives that consistently land in the fairway.

These discs feel and look great and provide enough stability to keep up with even the most powerful throws. Their reliably consistent flight paths make them excellent for experienced players who want a disc that can handle their power without sacrificing accuracy or control. The added dome also helps increase their lift off the ground, allowing for greater distance potential as well as improved accuracy in windy weather conditions.

These swirly apex goats are some of the best looking discs out there. In addition to their unique swirl pattern, they come in several attractive colors that are sure to stand out on any course or field. Their vibrant hues will make them easy to spot from far away, ensuring you always know exactly where your disc is going!

If you’re looking for a reliable disc with great feel, powerful performance and eye-catching style, then look no further than Des Reading's 2nd run swirly apex goats! These incredible discs offer more dome and a straighter initial flight path than ever before—allowing you to hit farther distances with greater accuracy than ever before—making them an excellent choice for both experienced players and those just starting their disc golf journey alike! So get out there and give ‘em a throw today! You won't be disappointed!

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