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Simon Lizotte Joins MVP Disc Sports!

Simon Lizotte Joins MVP Disc Sports!

Disc golf is about to reach a whole new level of awesome! MVP Disc Sports, the leader in disc golf innovation, recently signed Simon Lizotte to a ten-year contract. That’s right—ten years! This makes him the second longest running contract holder next to Paul McBeth.  Simon is now officially part of MVP’s team and he’s ready to bring his unique energy and talent to the game. Let's take a closer look at this exciting news.

Contract Details: 

Today, multi-faceted disc golf powerhouse Lizotte is guaranteed to soar with a colossal 10-year endorsement from MVP; an impressive feat not seen since Paul McBeth signed his game changing deal. This fully loaded contract comes complete with seven figure yearly payments and six figure sign on bonus - plus uncapped potential for additional earnings! Discmania was also paid the 1 million dollar buyout clause in their restructure of Lizotte’s original agreement. With this renewed dedication, fans of MVP/Axiom/Streamline can now eagerly await another decade full of surprises!

Simon is an active Vlogger and he has already released his first Vlog as a MVP team member!  We have the video linked above if you want to see what MVP discs he is currently testing out and which ones he things will make his 2023 Bag!  He seems certain that the Glitch, Envy, Proxy, Volt, Octane, and Hex will be there!  He loves the Hex so much that his first Tour Series Disc is a Eclipse 2.0 Hex!  We will have those up for preorder soon and estimate that they will be shipping out in 4 weeks!  

It's an exciting time for disc golfers everywhere as we look forward to what this new partnership between MVP Disc Sports and Simon Lizotte can do for our beloved sport! We can't wait to see all of the unique designs that come out of this collaboration over the next ten years—it's sure to be something special! 

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