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Simon Lizotte's Last Round with Discmania Discs!

Simon Lizotte's Last Round with Discmania Discs!

Simon Lizotte has released a blog showcasing his last collaboration with Discmania—the Doom Bird 4. This special disc is a FD3 in the brand-new Horizon Plastic, and it looks amazing. The blog also features another pro, Casey White, playing Maple Hill Disc Golf Course in the snow from the short pads—which is sure to be an interesting watch. 

For starters, anyone who’s seen Maple Hill played in any tournament videos knows that it can be a difficult course to play. Watching them play the course in the dead of winter from the short pads is eye opening as it makes the course appear a lot more approachable to the ameteur player like myself.  Plus, watching two world-class players like Simon and Casey have fun on one last blog together is sure to be entertaining.

The Doom Bird 4 itself is something truly unique—a Fd3 in Discmania’s brand-new Horizon Plastic. This plastic blend is styled after Innova’s Halo plastic or Latitude 64’s Orbit plastic and looks great too! What better way to commemorate the end of an era than with a fantastic looking disc?

Simon and Casey both have a great connection with their fans and followers, and this special round serves as yet another tribute to that relationship. As they play through each hole you are reminded why Simon Lizotte is so valuable to a disc golf company.  He gives viewers a glimpse into what it takes to compete at such a high level while still having fun.  

All in all, Simon Lizotte's last round playing with Discmania Discs is worth the watch! Not only are viewers treated to seeing two world-class professionals play Maple Hill from short pads in the snow— but you get to say goodbye to an era with one of your favorite players!

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