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Maria Oliva Joins Thought Space Athletics Team

Maria Oliva Joins Thought Space Athletics Team

Maria Oliva Joins Thought Space Athletics Team

The disc golf world is abuzz this week with the news that Maria Oliva has signed on with Thought Space Athletics (TSA). Oliva is a professional disc golfer from Mexico, and her joining the team marks another major accomplishment for TSA. With Oliva and Thomas Gilbert already on board, the TSA team is looking to make big waves in the sport of disc golf. Let’s take a look at what this means for both TSA and Oliva.

What This Means for TSA

Maria is TSA's f TSA, their presence in the disc golf community is sure to grow exponentially. TSA has been making its mark on the sport since 2017 when they first hit the scene with amazing triple foil stamped discs that boast a new design with every run. Now, with a strong roster of top-level professionals, it’s clear that TSA is here to stay.

What This Means for Maria
In addition to providing more visibility for TSA, Oliva’s signing also gives her an opportunity to grow her already successful career as a professional player. She will have access to all of the benefits that come along with being part of a professional team—travel support, free equipment, and promotional opportunities—which will undoubtedly help further her reach in the sport. In addition, she can look forward to competing alongside some of the top talent in the game today courtesy of her new teammates Gilbert and others who may join in due time.

The announcement of Maria Oliva joining Thought Space Athletics comes as welcome news for both parties involved. For TSA, it provides them a chance to further establish their presence in the world of disc golf while also giving them access to some top-level talent; for Maria, it opens up new opportunities professionally and helps solidify her place among pro players while giving her access to new equipment from other manufacturers as TSA will allow her to throw a mixed bag. 

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