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Prodigy Ace Line

Prodigy Ace Line

Prodigy spent two years developing the ACE line of discs and now it is here!  We have Putters, Midranges, Fairway Drivers, and Distance Drivers.  Every disc you need to play and excel at disc golf.  

The Ace line shares a similar naming system to the rest of the prodigy brand.  The first letter in the name is for the disc type, and the last letters signify stability.

  • P = Putter
  • M = Midrange
  • F = Fairway Driver
  • D = Distance Driver
  • US = Understable
  • S = Stable
  • OS = Overstable

Each disc comes in either Base Grip Plastic, or Duraflex Plastic.  The Base Grip plastic is the most affordable option, with superior grip in any weather conditions.  The Duraflex Blend is similar to other Premium plastics and takes longer to break in and will withstand a full power tree hit with minimal damage.  

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