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The Rumors Have Been Confirmed: Simon Lizotte is Leaving Discmania

The Rumors Have Been Confirmed: Simon Lizotte is Leaving Discmania

After a decade of being a part of the Discmania team, it has been confirmed that Simon Lizotte will be leaving the company. With the rumors flying for weeks now and many speculating what his next move would be, fans all over the world are left wondering - where is he going next? Innova? MVP? Discraft? Let’s take a look at what we know and why this is such big news in the disc golf community.

For those who may not know him, Simon Lizotte is one of the most recognizable names in professional disc golf who has been with Discmania since 2010. He has earned many accolades throughout his career, including being named PDGA World Champion in 2011 and winner of several European Championships. Throughout his time with Discmania, he has worked to develop new discs, as well as working closely with them to create new team designs and other products. He was also an instrumental part of their video production efforts, playing a key role in their YouTube videos series “Disc Golf With Simon” which featured many top professionals from around the world.

Why Is This Such Big News?
The news that Lizotte is leaving Discmania after 10 years with them has reverberated through the disc golf community due to how much influence he had on both their product line up and their brand recognition worldwide. It will certainly be interesting to see what kind of impact he will have on whichever company he joins next - whether it be Innova, MVP or Discraft - as each have very different approaches when it comes to product development and marketing strategies.

We can expect great things from Simon in whatever venture he decides to pursue next! His success over the past decade shows that he knows how to work hard and stay focused on achieving his goals - something that any aspiring professional should strive for! We wish him all the best in whatever decision he makes going forward but one thing is for sure - this news has generated a lot of buzz within the disc golf community about what could be next for him!

It’s official – after 10 years with Discmania, Simon Lizotte will no longer represent them moving forward! We can only speculate where he might go next but one thing is certain – this news has generated a lot of buzz within disc golf circles as we await details on his future plans. Untill then we would love to see your predictions!  Let us know in the comments below!  Will he be joining team Gyro?  Will Simon be throwing a Buzzz?  Or will he feel more at home throwing the Innova Plastic that he is already familiar with.  

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