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Illuminating the Darkness with the Thought Space Athletics Glow Pathfinder

Illuminating the Darkness with the Thought Space Athletics Glow Pathfinder

It’s time to light up your disc golf game! Introducing the new Glow Pathfinder from Thought Space Athletics, an incredible midrange disc that will take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a novice player or an experienced pro, the Pathfinder is designed for comfort in the hand and for a consistent, straight flight down the fairway with only minimal end fade. Let the Pathfinder find its way into your bag as it guides you to lower scores.

Behind the “Fly By Night” Design
Designer Aaron Copeland chose this name for a very special reason. He wanted to pay homage to his father who passed away in 2020 by naming this disc after his favorite band, Rush, a Canadian progressive rock band. This nod to Canada also extends to the release date of December 26th, or Boxing Day in Canada. In addition, each disc features beautiful stamp foils that truly make them stand out on any course.

Flight Numbers 
The Flight Numbers of this amazing midrange are 5-5-0-1

If you’ve been looking for something special to add to your Bag of Tricks, then look no further than Fly By Night’s new Glow Pathfinder! It's guaranteed that this disc will help illuminate your game so that you can find your path through even dark rounds – let it be your guide towards lower scores and more fun! Get yours today!

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