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Thought Space Athletics - Pathfinder - Glow - Midrange


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The Thought Space Athletics Glow Pathfinder – Midrange is a great way to light the way in your next round of golf. Designed with comfort and stability in mind, it was meant to create a consistent, straight flight that you can rely on, not worrying about any unexpected fades that could cost you a stroke or two. With its unique “Fly By Night” design – honoring TSA owner Aaron’s dad who passed away in 2020 – this midrange gives you all you need for improving your scores.

The fun isn’t just limited to the course either! When you have the Thought Space Athletics Glow Pathfinder – Midrange in hand, be prepared for some glowing glances from the other players and on lookers when you pull this bad boy from the bag during night play. That might help motivate you even more to attack the green like never before!

Whether you’re an amateur or pro golfer or simply looking for some low-score night time golf fun, come join us and find your way with Thought Space Athletics Glow Pathfinder – Midrange today! Its Flight Numbers (5-5-0-1) won’t let you down as they show how fast and effortlessly it can take your game to the next level. Ready… aim… glow!