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Thought Space Athletics - Pathfinder - Aura - GolfDisco original "Viva La Fiesta"


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The Aura Pathfinder from Thought Space Athletics is taking the fairways by storm! Our original GolfDisco design “Viva La Fiesta” combined with this neutral midrange driver has become the ultimate workhorse on the greens. With a steady flight and dependable control, this disc will hold any line you put it on. So, grab your mariachi-themed Aura Pathfinder and get ready to entertain. Viva La Fiesta!

Thanks to its midrange speed, the Aura Pathfinder provides you with maximum control. It will hug any line you put it on - so you don’t have to worry about upshots. As you throw, this lightweight disc will fly right into the sweet spot and stay there.

Having the right disc can make or break a great game. The Aura Pathfinder from Thought Space Athletics and GolfDisco’s original “Viva La Fiesta” design makes for a reliable, eye-catching workhorse on the fairways. No matter how difficult the terrain, you can always count on this disc to get the job done. So, grab yours and get ready for a fiesta on the greens!

There is a possibility of slight stamp dropout in the center of the disc due to the design going directly over the center sprue.