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Thought Space Athletics - Mantra - Nebula Aura - Fairway Driver "VIVA LA FIESTA"


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Experience the utmost in disc golf performance with Thought Space Athletics' newest fairway driver, the Mantra Nebula! This exclusive version in the "Viva La Fiesta" colorway will take your game to the stratosphere with its perfect combination of speed, glide, turn, and fade.

The super-fast speed of 9 allows you to reach maximum distance off the tee without compromising on accuracy, while the 5 glide makes sure you don't lose any altitude while maintaining momentum. If you start to go too far, the -2 turn will bring you back in line, and the 2 fade will give you a delicate and predictable landing. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, the Mantra Nebula model will give you the confidence to shape the perfect line with every throw!

Go beyond the ordinary with Thought Space Athletics' Nebula Aura "Viva La Fiesta" Mantra and get ready to wow your friends and enemies at the next disc golf match. Don't settle for anything less than this stunning addition to your golf bag - order yours today!

There is a possibility of slight stamp dropout in the center of the disc due to the design going directly over the center sprue.