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Thought Space Athletics - Coalesce - Thomas Gilbert Signature Series

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Introducing the new Coalesce by Thought Space Athletics! This fairway driver is designed to meet your every need. Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an experienced disc golfer, the Coalesce will provide you with just the right combination of speed and accuracy you’re looking for.

The Coalesce can easily be mastered with its straight flight at takeoff, then it will shimmer and disappear with a reliable fade at the end of its journey. All while offering enough stability so that even on those windy days, this disc won't turn over. Makes perfect sense why Thomas Gilbert chose it for his first Signature Series disc!

From novice to pro, Thought Space Athletics' Signature Series Coalesce makes disc golf easy while leveling up your accuracy game. Enjoy throwing with better control and optimal performance today—add the signature Coalesce by Thought Space Athletics to your collection now!

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