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Thought Space Athletics - Animus - Ethos - GolfDisco original "Viva La Fiesta"


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We are excited to share our original design, the  “Viva La Fiesta” Ethos Animus! This GolfDisco original triple foil has all the power of a high performance distance driver, and it looks amazing too!

The Animus is the perfect choice for players who need plenty of torque control and a moderate, controlled fade. Maintain your confidence on the fairways without sacrificing fun. Our combination of a good amount of torque control and a manageable, controlled fade will make you feel the power of our Animus, like never before.

This GolfDisco original is inspired by the fun of the mariachi scene – from the Mariachi guitar-playing skeleton to vibrant colors of the design - each Animus is sure to be a favorite. With a combination of performance and flair, the Viva La Fiesta Ethos Animus is a great choice for the experienced player looking to bring a touch of fun and style to the green. Experience the power of the mariachi!

There is a possibility of slight stamp dropout in the center of the disc due to the design going directly over the center sprue.