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Prodigy - Archive - 500 - Isaac Robinson Collab Series Midrange


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Aim higher with the Prodigy Archive, the latest mid-range disc from Isaac Robinson's Prodigy Collab Series. This second-to-none disk was formed from the fusion of the championship-caliber fire of a major champion, and the power to manipulate the very nature of flight. Now you too can reach the glory of victory and become the top of the disc golf ranks, thanks to the Archive.

For Isaac Robinson, the mission was clear - create a midrange disc with unbeatable glide and precision to soar through thick pine forests and dominating fairways. With the Archive Midrange, you'll get just that and more. Intentionally engineered to be beadless, this improved version now offers just the right amount of overstability for the best in wind resistance and accuracy.

Don't let the wind be your enemy. Sink your shots like a champion with the Prodigy Archive Midrange and reach loftier successes. Whether you're an established disc golfer or just starting out, you can trust the Archive to take you to the very top.