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Prodigy - A1 - 500 Plastic - Approach Disc


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Introducing the Prodicy 500 A1 - a disc designed to give you all the benefits of a mid-range, and the consistency of a putter. Whether you're an amateur or a pro, this is the perfect utility disc for any power thrower. The Prodicy 500 A1 is overstable enough to fly with confidence in windy conditions while still remaining consistent and reliable for those tricky shots close to the pin.

If you're looking for control and stability, look no further. Prodigy's 500 Plastic offers an unparalleled feel like no other. With just the right combination of flexibility and firmness, you won't be disappointed when gripping onto this luxury disc. Plus, its unique pearlescent finish will have you wanting to show it off in front of family and friends alike. Don't miss out - get your own Prodicy 500 A1 today!