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Gyropalooza - MVP Disc Sports - 11 discs

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Get ready for GYROpalooza! It's the ultimate celebration of all things GYRO, and we've packed our box with a ton of awesome stuff. This year, we've taken it to the next level to bring you the best GYROpalooza box ever. Inside, you'll find 11 incredible discs, including 5 super special triple-foil discs that you absolutely can't miss out on. Plus, we've thrown in 6 Mystery Discs, featuring 4 Lab Seconds and 2 awesome Pro Shop discs. Who knows what you'll find? It could be a unique run, an artist series, or even a Team Series MVP disc. Don't wait - grab your GYROpalooza box now!

Introducing the Eclipse R2 Neutron Envy by Green C Studio. Experience the mesmerizing glow of color on the rims (colors may vary). Find your inner zen at GYROpalooza with the highly sought-after Axiom putter. Prepare to be captivated.

Introducing the Eclipse R2 Neutron Hex, the perfect companion to the Envy. Get ready for a stunning visual experience with its color glowing rims (colors will vary). Join Scott Oswalt as he takes GYROpalooza to the next level with this highly sought-after midrange disc.

Experience the ultimate celebration of GYRO with the iconic artist, Skulboy! Introducing the Eclipse R2 Neutron Craves, equipped with mesmerizing glowing rims (colors may vary). Illuminate the fairway at GYROpalooza with the extraordinary Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave!

Get ready for the most exciting release from MVP this year - the Eclipse Glitch stamp by Mike Inscho! GYROnauts, your wait is over. This is the very first time the Glitch has been unleashed with an Eclipse flight plate, complete with the iconic Eclipse green glow core. Don't let this historic moment in MVP's history slip away - join the GYROpalooza celebration and secure your piece of greatness!

Introducing the Neutron Detour - the latest addition to the James Conrad line and a special surprise in this year's GYROpalooza! Designed by DoubleRam Design, this unique disc is perfect for those who love to play with their toys. With a perfect balance between stability and flexibility, the Detour is a versatile midrange disc that can handle some torque. It's the go-to choice for experienced players who love hyzer flips and slow turning shots, while new players will enjoy its straight flight. If you're looking for a disc that's less stable than a Hex but more stable than an Uplink, the Detour is your answer. Don't miss out on this exclusive disc, only available in the 2023 GYROpalooza box!