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Streamline - Drift - Color Eclipse - OTB Open 2024 - Phase 1


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OTB Open 2024 - Streamline Color Eclipse Drift

OTB Open Color Eclipse Drift – The sister company with Axiom and MVP, Streamline is the non overmold versions of the same plastic. These molds feel really good, and the Stramline Drift is no different. With a fantastic feel, these slow fairway drivers have a ton of glide. They are easy to throw and get tons of distance, with effortless turn and enough fade to trust while throwing full power, the Streamline Drift is an easy to throw fairway for players of all skill levels.

With super straight flights, these are super useful for long shots that need to stay super straight. Skulboy killed it with the artwork on this years run adding to the awesome collective of artwork in Phase 1 of the 2024 OTB Open drop. Make sure you pick up an OTB Open Color Eclipse Drift today!

Here is what Streamline says about the mold: ‘”Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

When you see the name Skulboy, you know you’re in for a true piece of art – and he delivers on the Color Eclipse Drift! Available in Green, Blue, Teal, Purple, and White glow, watch the art come to life when the lights go down. The Drift is a dependable fairway driver that has a ton of utility for players of all arm speeds – lower power players will find a reliable straight-stable workhorse, while higher power players will love the consistency of its subtle flip. Rediscover a Streamline classic with the new release of Color Eclipse for Streamline Discs in the 2024 OTB Open Color Eclipse Drift**!’

**Note: Please use a UV Flashlight to achieve the full benefit of Eclipse technology’s brightest and longest lasting glow. Colors other than Green, while still vibrant, will glow with less intensity.