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MVP - Glitch - Soft Neutron - GolfDisco Exclusive "MELLOW STINGER"


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MVP - Glitch - Soft Neutron - GolfDisco Exclusive stamp "MELLOW STINGER"

Have you been looking for something truly special to add to your golf collection? Look no further than the extraordinary MVP Soft Neutron Glitch with our MELLOW STINGER GolfDisco exclusive stamp design, that you won’t easily find anywhere else!

Crafted with intricate detail, the "Mellow Stinger" stamp leads our new "Aquatic Series" collection. We sought to celebrate Earth's natural wonders through this series centered around water and sea life. Whether you're an animal enthusiast or ocean aficionado, these stamps are sure to make a splash in any collection.  An ode to one of nature’s most mesmerizing and mysterious creatures, the Mellow Stinger invites you to immerse yourself in an iridescent world of wonder

Three dramatic foils capture the Mellow Stinger jellyfish in all it's flowing grace. Accented with shimmering metallic highlights, each foil showcases this marine marvel from a different angle, as if spotlit in a silent underwater ballet.

Grab your chance to own an undersea masterpiece. The Aquatic series calls to the sea inside us all.


Disc golf just got a lot more interesting with the addition of The Glitch - a versatile and fun disc that everyone needs in their bag. Not only is it perfect for warming up and cooling down before and after a round, but its impressive glide makes it a tool to be reckoned with when approaching the basket. And now, with this unique stamp that will make your bag stand out of the crowd,

The Glitch even more irresistible. With a stunning triple foil design, this disc is sure to make heads turn both on and off the course. Don't just stop at one - we suggest snagging two, because this gorgeous masterpiece is fit for both your bag and your wall. Trust us, it's a must-have for any disc golf lover.


Flight Numbers:  Speed 1 | Glide 7 | Turn 0 | Fade 0

CLASS 7mm Putt / Approach
WEIGHTS 140-154g