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Mint Discs - Mustang - Nocturnal - Midrange


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Mint Eternal Mustang - Midrange - Nocturnal Glow Plastic

The Mustang is a beadless midrange, boasting a straight to stable flight. It's the perfect midrange to hold any line you put it on. The Mustang is the perfect straighter flying compliment to the Bobcat.

Stamps on this run are all Black with color accents on the horse's mane and tail.  Secondary color will vary.  

Nocturnal Plastic is one of the best Glow Materials on the Market.  It is the same as Eclipse 2.0 and will shine brightly after a quick charge.  For best results use a UV Charging Flashlight for rapid charging!  Glow Plastic tends to have a touch more stability than its counterparts.