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Mint Discs - Phoenix - Eternal - Special Edition


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The Mint Discs Phoenix is the ultimate weapon in your disc golf arsenal. When you need a driver with serious punch that stands up to even the strongest winds, the Phoenix is sure to come through with reliable fade and maximum stability. Its impressive flight ratings—Speed 9, Glide 3, Turn 0, and Fade 4—are unmatched by any other disc in our lineup. You’ll feel like an unstoppable force on the course as you watch your drive fly ahead of all the other players.

The Eternal plastic that this disc is crafted from delivers premium durability and precision control so you can focus on nailing your desired line without worrying about your disc taking too much damage from chains or rough landings. No matter what terrain you're competing in or what kind of conditions lie ahead, you know that the Mint Discs Phoenix has got your back. And don't forget about its beautiful aesthetic – this piece of stainless steel mastery will catch every spectator's eyes before it flies off into the horizon! Get yours today so you can start experiencing superior overstability like never before!