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Mint Discs - ALPHA - Eternal Plastic - Fairway Driver


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Looking for a straight-flying and reliable disc to add to your collection? Look no further than the Mint Discs Eternal Alpha! The latest addition to the Eternal line of discs offers all the same great fairway driver qualities we have come to expect with the added bonus of fantasticcandylike looks and unmatched durability.

The Alpha was designed for power and accuracy. It is a go-to choice for experienced throwers as well as newer disc golfers - it has just enough stability to stand up to headwinds, but not enough to scare away novice players. You can easily achieve straight flight paths with this disc before it fades reliably at the end, meaning you will be throwing consistent shots that fly where you want them to.

So if you’re looking for a disc ideal for long fairway drives or even those tricky tight courses, look no further than Mint Discs Eternal Alpha. With its speed -8.0, glide - 4.0 turn 0.0, and fade -2.0, this is one disc you won’t want missing from your bag. Check out the eternal line today and experience durable excellence!