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Kastaplast - Stig - K1 Line - Midrange

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Are you looking for a disc that will help you take the perfect line down those narrow fairways? Look no further than the Kastaplast K1 Stig. As its name would suggest (‘Stig’ is Swedish for ‘path’), this understable mid range driver from Kastaplast is sure to be your go-to disc when you need to beat a path to the basket.

The K1 Stig has all of the best features of both a mid and fairway driver combined into one unique hybrid design. It’s slightly more understable than the Kaxe Z, making it feel just as easy in your hand as it does in flight. With its incredible glide and added distance capabilities, you can trust the Stig to carry you through any kind of drive. Whether you’re on a long or short hole, enjoy reaching your destination with minimal effort every time!

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