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Kastaplast - KAXE Z - K3 - Stable Midrange

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The Kastaplast Kaxe Z is the perfect disc for those looking to combine consistent distance with top-notch control. This excellent midrange driver offers speed with a glide of four, turn of zero and a fade of three, making it an ideal option off the tee or in tight fairway situations. It's the hybrid fairway driver you need in your bag - agile enough to handle both big and small strokes, while still holding the line in the wind.

This is a disc designed for those who have great confidence in their ability to shape shots on the course. And with its sleek design and balanced stability, you can expect a reliable flight no matter how you throw it. Whether soaring hyzers or gliding anhyzers, this disc will deliver predictable results time and time again. So if you’re an experienced player looking for one disc that does it all, then reach for your Kaxe Z!

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