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Kastaplast - KAXE - K3 - Midrange

Color/Weight: Blue/171

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THE RETOOLED KAXE has the flight numbers of the old Kaxe Z which is a slightly straighter version of the Kaxe.  Speed 6, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2.  Please note that if the disc in the photo does not have the flight numbers then it is an old run of the Kaxe.  If the disc in the photo has the new flight numbers it is a RETOOLED Kaxe. 

Are you tired of unpredictable throws and weak mid range drivers? Look no further: the Kastaplast K3 Kaxe is here to deliver! This dependable small diameter disc is a true jack of all trades, giving you a high level of stability with decent wind resistance. Plus, it’s slim proportions make for an easy grip no matter the size of your hands. All this makes it your go-to disc for fairway control on any course!

The Kaxe isn’t just another pretty face either–it’s got some history behind it too! Its name refers to an old Swedish word for someone who sticks up their nose, meaning it’s perfect for those times when every inch counts. Now you can be confidently in control during windy days or when accuracy reigns supreme.

Bring out your best game with the Kastaplast K3 Soft Kaxe today and discover why so many disc golfers love using this multi-purpose driver!

Flight Numbers:  Speed 6 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 

K3 Plastic: 

Kastaplast's K3 line is their base plastic – grippy in all conditions. With this plastic, you'll get that nice worked in feel quickly, and it'll be grippy compared to other base plastics. K3 is medium soft.