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Innova - Whale - KC Pro - Putt & Approach


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Looking for a putter that offers consistent, reliable performance regardless of how hard you throw it? The Innova KC Pro Whale is the perfect solution. This beefy, Aviar-like Putter has the stability of the Big-Bead Aviar Driver but with nearly the same low-speed overstability as our Putt and Approach discs. Plus, this putter can be thrown backhand, sidearm or forehand to suit your style.

The KC Pro Whale will fly like a driver and land like a putter. It is perfect for players who want ultimate consistency and predictability with every drive. With the KC Pro Whale in your collection you can count on accurate flights whether your target is 50 feet away or 250 feet.  Now precision comes with convenience; even in windy conditions you can rest assured that this disc will deliver results every time - no matter what angle or speed you throw it at!

So if you’re looking for superior accuracy and control in every approach, get yourself an Innova KC Pro Whale today! You won’t regret it!