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Innova - TL3 - Halo Star - Fairway Driver

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Introducing the Innova Halo Star TL3 - your best weapon for long, straight shots on the green. Get ready to blast down the fairway with accuracy and ease! The TL3 is a disc that comes ready for tight lines in the woods - so you know you'll be getting precision and control right out of the box. This disc turns with only the slightest fade and hardly deviates from its straight line trajectory. Plus, it boasts a flat top that gives you an increase in speed and just enough glide, packing a punch while delivering top-notch results. Now, you get all the accuracy of a seasoned Teebird without breaking any sweat! With its formidable flight path, this disc will help you ace Circle One every time. Get your hands on the Innova Halo Star TL3 today - and perfect your aim!

| Speed 8 | Glide 4 | Turn -1 | Fade 1 |

Halo Star Plastic:  Looking for the best looking and feeling plastic on the market? Look no further than Innova Halo Star Plastic! These discs are remarkable step forward in quality, and you'll be sure to love the striking contrast of colors. Be careful, you may find yourself wanting all your discs to be Halo Discs!

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