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Innova - Tern - Halo Star - Distance Driver


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Introducing the Innova Halo Star Tern - the ultimate distance driver to add to your disc golf arsenal! With its supersized glide, the Halo Tern will have you soaring to new heights with each throw.

Stop trying to force other overstable distance drivers to fly the way you want. The Tern eliminates the need for unnecessary strain on your body, delivering booming drives effortlessly. Simply throw it flat and watch as its glide and natural turn take it to impressive distances. Plus, the Halo Star version offers even more glide and overstability compared to its Star counterpart, giving you the advantage on the course.

The Halo Tern's flight numbers of 12/6/-3/2 speak for themselves. This disc can handle a variety of shots, making it a must-have for any disc golf player. Whether it's easy flex or hyzer flip shots, tailwind bombs, or beat-in rollers, the Tern has got you covered. It even serves as a great alternative to other popular distance drivers like the Shryke or Katana.

But what sets the Halo Tern apart is Innova's unique Halo Disc Process. Through a special two-tone injection process, these discs not only have a stunning appearance, but also offer exceptional durability and performance. The Halo rim, being a different color than the flight plate, not only adds a cool visual effect but also creates a well-balanced and reliable flight.

Don't just take our word for it, try the Innova Halo Star Tern for yourself and experience the power and control it has to offer. Perfect for disc golfers of all levels, this distance driver is a game-changer on the course. Get ready to soar with the Halo Tern!