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Innova - Aero - Halo - Putt & Approach


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Happy 40th Anniversary to the Innova Aero! This disc golf classic was introduced 40 years ago as the first disc designed specifically for disc golf, then called the Eagle – and now we’re celebrating this special time in history with a brand new striking Halo Star plastic version.

The Aero is an ideal disc for beginners and players using only one disc. Its slow-flying control makes it easy to achieve the straight and true fairway performance you crave. Bigger in diameter than most discs and infused with a sizeable amount of glide, it's incredibly easy to stay on route! Plus, its consistent turnover sets it apart from other discs. As it continues to break in, you'll find that the Aero will slowly fly where you want it to… Again and again.

So make sure that you don’t miss out this limited-time Innova Aero 40th Anniversary Halo Star edition – get yours before they’re all gone!