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Innova 11x Eleven Time KC Pro Teebird Factory Second

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153.3 grams, 7/10 conservative rating,  the disc still has flashing.  Faded ink on Rim.  

This is a USED 11x Factory Second KC Pro Teebird.  The person that I purchased the disc from wiped part of the stamp, they used to have a large X in the middle of the disc that said “Innova Factory Second”  that has been wiped leaving only “Innova”.  This disc is Gummy and slightly Pearly.  Super flat for a teebird.  back is stamped with Rancho Cucamonga and has the patent number.  


The Disc Golf Sleepy Scale is used to determine the qulaity and condition of disc golf discs. This rating system is widely accepted by most disc buyers and sellers. It is usually  a good idea to list your disc with the sleepy scale rating when you post them for sale.

10 – Never thrown, no ink, brand new condition
– Field tested or used for one or two rounds, many use this for storage wear as well
– Lightly used with very minimal wear
– Used with some minor dings or scuffs but still in good shape
– Typical used disc with the usual dings, scratches but still worthy
– Kinda beat, significant wear, has lost a good bit of it’s stability
4 – Beat up turnover disc with some evident war story wear
3– or under- Beat to Hades, dog chew toy

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