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Discraft - Athena - BIG Z - Fairway Driver


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Introducing the newest driver from Discraft and Paul McBeth: the Big Z Athena! This disc is designed to get you in just the right position with accuracy and control – necessity for those times when straighter, more accurate throws are required.

Flight characteristics of this lightweight fairway driver offer explosive speed matched with a gentle end-fade to guarantee precision aim. It's easy to throw any range of shots from smooth anhyzers to long hyzering S-curves - all with a consistent reliable flight path that won't veer off course. The Big Z Athena is perfect for transitioning between fairway woods and open shots thanks to its superior glide, making it a trusted ally around the greens and perfect in tight wooded lines.

This disc is made from Discraft's revolutionary Big Z plastic, enhancing your grip on the disc like never before while maintaining strong torque resistance. It has outstanding multi-color highlights to add some flair as well as make it easy to find if you lose it amongst tall grasses or deep underbrush. Not only will this disc enhance your play exponentially but it looks great doing so.

Bring your game up an extra level with the Discraft Big Z Athena, available now!