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Discmania - DD3 - S-Line - Distance Driver


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Experience Optimum Distance and Control With the Discmania S-Line DD3!

Are you looking for a disc that brings maximum distance without compromising control? Look no further than the Discmania S-Line DD3 – the go-to choice of many modern day Discmania throwers. Designed to take advanced and pro-level players’ disc golf game to another level, this reliable driver has been optimized to deliver massive glide and distance with each throw. Its stability at lower speeds makes it perfect for overstable backhand and forehand throws even in headwinds. Elevate your distance game with the versatility offered by the DD3! For beginners, intermediate, and advanced players alike, this trusted driver is sure to become a trusted staple in your arsenal – perfect for powering through any course with confidence. Experience optimum distance and control today with the S-Line DD3 from Discmania!


S-Line Plastic: 

When you pick up a Discmania S-Line disc for the first time, you'll feel the quality and consistency in your hand. The superior grip will give you the confidence to make your next shot. The new S-Line is our highest-quality blend, offering a soft and silky grip with remarkable durability. The straighter and less over stable flight of the new S-Line is perfect for players who want to get more glide out of every shot.

Flight Numbers:  Speed 12 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 3