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DGA - Steady BL (Beadless) - D-Line - Putt & Approach


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| Speed 2 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2 |

Get ready... it's time to add more "Steady" to your game! DGA is excited to announce the release of its new version of the popular putt & approach disc, the Steady! The Steady BL (beadless) has many of the same flight characteristics that made the original Steady well received by players of all skill levels, with the addition of a smooth beadless bottom edge. This modified version will be a perfect fit for those looking for that smooth feel and clean release that a beadless putter can offer.

When using The Steady BL for approach throws and shorter tee shots, you’ll notice it will have the same stability that you’re used to from the original Steady mold. When using the Steady BL for putting, players will notice it has increased glide before it begins to fade. This will help make putts from even further away while using the same amount of power.

DGA D-Line plastic is economical and features great tack and grip.