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Are you ready for peak performance and a totally unique way to approach your time on the Disc Golf course? The GolfDisco Exclusive "Tohopka" Axiom Fission Rhythm is here to help, with its signature 7 | 5.5 | -2 | 1 stability flight numbers. Make sure each shot is precise and accurate, with smooth glides and reliable s-curving returns that can lead you close into Circle One. Plus, Fission plastic is built to last long into the future – enjoy the same powerful, reliable disc time after time!

And while you're honing your disc golf skills, why not add some stylish flair too? The "Tohopka" design pays tribute to Native American Artwork with a design portraying Strength, Power and Guile. With this disc in tow you'll be sure to feel like a skilled hunter any time you step foot onto the green. Complete the set by purchasing the "Hurit" custom stamped discs!

This amazing stamp was designed by our GolfDisco Design team and inspired by my Native American Ancestry.  I hope you guys love it as much as we do. KJ

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