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Axiom Premium 3 Disc Set

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Experience the fun and excitement of disc golf with the Axiom Discs Premium 3-Disc Set! Included in every box is one Electron Putter, one midrange disc, and one driver - all made from top-of-the-line premium plastics. Whether you're brand new to the game or an avid disc golfer who's been around for a while, this set has something for everyone. Start off with the dependable Electron putter that'll give consistent accuracy on shorter shots. Finish it off with either a Plasma, Neutron or Proton midrange and driver disc that allow you to really launch your drive down the course. And they all come packaged in heavy duty cardboard boxes that are perfect for storing all your discs in between rounds! Pick up a Premium 3 Disc Set today and get ready for the most enjoyable game of Disc Golf ever!