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Axiom - Pitch - Total Eclipse - Putt & Approach


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Experience the Cosmic Magic with the Axiom Pitch Total Eclipse Edition! ✨

Get ready to throw some stardust with the all-new Axiom Pitch Total Eclipse! 🌑 Celebrate the awe of the April 8th total solar eclipse and add a burst of celestial wonder to every toss. This isn't just any disc—it's your ticket to honoring a universal spectacle.

Here's why you'll love the Total Eclipse Pitch:

  • Glow in the Dark Glory: Charge up the vibrant color glow cores and rims for a galactic display! Whether it’s Green, Blue, Purple, Teal, or White, your game will light up the night sky.
  • Celebrate with Style: Mark the 4-minute twilight with our eye-catching Total Eclipse plastic. It's as much a collector's piece as it is a game-changer on the field.
  • Hybrid Innovation: Whether warming up for the big game or aiming for that perfect approach shot, the Axiom Pitch boasts a hybrid design for all-out fun and high utility.
  • Catch & Release Perfection: With a refined wing and a comfy rounded grip, this disc promises a flight as smooth as the moon’s passage over the sun.
  • Flight of Fantasy: Flight numbers 1 | 7 | -0.5 | 0 mean a disc tailored for incredible glide and just the right amount of stability. You'll swear it floats on solar winds!
  • Eclipse the Competition: Don't be left in the dark! These are limited-release discs—grab yours and be the envy of fellow disc enthusiasts!

Heads Up! 🚨

Remember, solar viewing is serious business. Never gaze directly at the sun without proper eye protection, even during an eclipse. Enjoy the cosmic show safely!

Charge Up Tips 💡

Though the Total Eclipse Color glow takes a bit more time to power up, and the glow might seem like distant stars, remember—a good UV light source is your best friend for the ultimate luminous experience. It's like capturing a piece of the cosmos in your hands!

Be the first to own the sky. The Axiom Pitch Total Eclipse Edition awaits. But hurry, before this celestial moment passes by! 🛸💫