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Discraft - Archer - Z Line - Midrange Driver


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Archer - Midrange Driver 

Looking for ultimate control and power in a disc that is sure to hit its target? Introducing the Discraft Archer Z Line – a new addition to the lineup designed to easily transition beginners from midrange to driving discs. The disc features a stability rating of 0.7, making it perfect for beginner drivers seeking added distance!

The combination of control and power is revolutionary – this disc can go straight as an arrow while gliding through the air with ease! It's unique shape allows it to turn softly on release, allowing you to navigate tight spaces with finesse or reach maximum distance in open space. Even the best of golfers can benefit from a Discraft Archer Z Line in their bag, as the stability rating lends itself well to pinpoint accuracy in throwing tough shots.

The Discraft Archer Z Line is not only powerful but aesthetically pleasing as well. Discraft offers multiple vibrant colors that are sure to stand out day or night whether you’re at home or on the course! Start your journey into disc golf with an unstoppable edge – add a Discraft Archer Z Line to your arsenal today!

Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn -4 | Fade 1 | Stability -0.5.