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Adaptive Greens - Daily Performance Nutrition

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Real stacked Adaptogens & Performance Mushrooms

Adaptogens are becoming more popular as the importance of nervous system health and stress resilience is increasingly recognized across all areas of health, wellness and performance. our products deliver serving sizes of adaptogens that are well into therpeutic range. as adaptogen populatiry continues to grow, more products will start to put adaptogens on their label for marketing buzz without delivering powerful serving sizes of quality extracts or even using real adaptogens at all. Roots Apothecary is built around a function first mentality and ingredient decks that go far beyond the industry trend. the adaptive greens delivers 3000mg of real adaptogens / serving (performance adaptogens + brain health ingredient categores below).

the good stuff:

super greens blend. 3500mg

*wheatgrass juice.
*alfalfa juice.
*matcha green tea.
*chlorella (cracked cell).

performance adaptogens. 1800mg

(real adaptogens).
*panax ginseng extract. 600mg 10:1 extract
*astragalus extract. 20:1 extract
*reishi mushroom. 500mg fruiting body extract
*moringa leaf.

cellular hydration. 1200mg

*lemon juice.
*coconut water.
*beet root juice.

prebiotic fiber. 1000mg

*acacia fiber.
*agave inulin.

brain health. 1200mg

(also real adaptogens).
*bacopa monnieri. 600mg
*lion's mane mushroom. 600mg fruiting body extract

liver performance. 650mg

*dandelion root. 20:1 extract
*milk thistle extract. 80% active silymarin
*black pepper extract. 10% peprine.

probiotic 8x blend. | 4.5 billion CFU

L. rhamnosus.
L. casei.
L. acidophilus.
L. plantarum.
B. bifidum.
L. bulgaricus.
B. breve.
B. coagulans.

other stuff.

*organic mint flavor.
*organic orange flavor.
*organic debittered stevia extract.

Preparing Awesomeness:

The adaptive greens are best when used daily to build stress resilience, adaptive capacity, mental & physical endurance, immune strength and microbial balance in the gut. Be consistent.
Mix one scoop in 10-16oz of water. Stir it up with a little stick blender, a shaker bottle, or a spoon. you can also toss it into a smoothie, or whatever. the minty, citrus and green flavor pairs nicely with fruit, berry and vanilla flavors. don't use with hot water, this will damage the fragile nutrients and probiotics.
store in the fridge after opening to preserve freshness and active nutrients. best if used within 6 months of made on date (on bag).