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Prodigy - Archive - 400 - Isaac Robinson Collab Series Midrange


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Introducing the Prodigy Archive - a new flight path destined for greatness, forged from the fire of champions and entrusted with the power to shape the very fabric of flight. Our Prodigy Collab Series has come together with Major champion Isaac Robinson, with the Prodigy Archive occupying a new place in the Prodigy Disc midrange lineup between the M1 and M2.

Isaac knows what it takes to reach the top. He's a master of accuracy, wielding unwavering focus and an innate ability to carve out a path in even the most tangled of forests. With the Prodigy Archive, he created a midrange that carries with it enhanced glide, and a touch of overstability that's designed to resist even the strongest of headwinds.

The Prodigy Archive is the perfect tool to take your game to the highest peaks. With its special combination of distance, control and accuracy, it gives you the confidence to throw farther on any terrain. No matter the obstacles, with the Prodigy Archive in your bag, you can carve your way through any course and onto the winner's podium. Get ready for a truly professional flight - get your Prodigy Archive today!