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Kastaplast - SVEA - K1 - GLOW - Midrange


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The Kastaplast K1 Glow Svea disc golf driver is your ticket to shot-shaping perfection! Achieve the laser-straight precision, long anhyzer lines and smooth hyzers that you've only dreamed of before. Throw it from anywhere, with any line you need - the secret weapon for massive glide and sheer power is in your hands. This amazing disc golf driver even offers a taste of luxury with its signature glow finish. The lower profile means that it fits smoothly into small hands as well, so snap one up today and experience success like never before. Your time has come to soar above the competition with the K1 Glow Svea mid range driver!Svea is an old Swedish name which is derived from the people of Svea Rike, later Sweden.

Speed 5, Glide 6, Turn -1, Fade 0

Svea Specs:
Diameter: 21.9 cm
Maximum weight: 181 gram
Height: 2.1 cm
Rim depth: 1.3 cm
Rim thickness: 1.3 cm

K1 Glow Line:

Kastaplast K1 Glow Line is the same super durable plastic as K1, but powered with glow! That means that when the sun goes down, your disc will still be shining bright. Whether you're playing in the park after work or out on the course for a midnight round, K1 Glow Line will make sure you're never left in the dark.