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Innova - Roadrunner - Champion - Distance Driver


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Introducing the Innova Champion Roadrunner -- the perfect distance driver for all types of drives. From long range rollers to tailwind drives to narrow-woods drivers - this is the disc you need for any occasion.

When it comes to choosing a first distance driver, the Innova Champion Roadrunner can't be beaten. It's the perfect disc for new players, offering a long-range flight pattern with lots of glide. With its versatile nature, it can be used for finesse shots as well as long turnovers and rolls. Power throwers can take this disc out for extra distance, while beginner throwers can use it for low, straight shots. It's the perfect one-size-fits-all disc for almost any need.

We know what you're thinking: what can't this disc do? Whether you need to navigate tricky terrain, tackle narrow woods, or go for the long shot, the Roadrunner will get you there. Innova knows you need a disc you can trust, and this is what they have delivered.

Pick up a Roadrunner today, and you won't be sorry. This disc is sure to be a staple in your bag for years to come. Throw it, trust it, and enjoy the ride!