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Innova - Alien - Star - Multi Purpose Disc


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Introducing the Innova Star Alien - the disc that will take your game to a whole new dimension! Prepare to make contact with this saucer-shaped multi-purpose disc that is designed for controlled and precise throws.

The Innova Star Alien features a unique design that combines the best of both worlds. The upper half of the disc has a distinctive Sonic look and feel, with its domey top and fastback grooves. This gives it a comfortable grip and allows for consistent releases. The bottom half, on the other hand, is equipped with a thicker, modern-day mid-range rim, providing stability and added control.

With flight numbers of 4 / 2 / 0 / 1, the Star Alien performs like no other disc out there. When thrown flat in fair conditions, it flies straight for an impressive distance of 200-300 feet, depending on your arm speed. But here's where the magic happens - once its flight ends, the Alien practically falls off the table, making for easy, precise landings.

Innova Co-Founder and Disc Inventor, Dave Dunipace, describes the Alien as ideal for "Ranging." This means that it excels at landing precisely where you aim, making it perfect for those tricky island holes and other challenging landing areas. Whether you need a short drive, a mid-range hyzer or anhyzer, or a backhand or forehand approach, the Alien has got you covered.

But the versatility of the Innova Star Alien doesn't end there. This multi-purpose disc is suitable for everyone, including beginners and experienced players alike. Its unique flight characteristics make it a great option for one-disc rounds on shorter courses. It's also perfect for those drop and stop throws that are necessary for those perilous landing areas. And let's not forget about its prowess as a putter - this flying saucer loves to crash land in the chains!

Experienced players with substantial power will especially enjoy manipulating the Alien for a wide range of throws, from short drives to delicate approach shots. Its reliable flight pattern will have you coming back for more, just like a faithful fan of Twilight Zone reruns.

So, whether you're an extraterrestrial enthusiast or a seasoned disc golfer looking to take your game to new heights, the Innova Star Alien is the disc for you. It's time to unleash your inner alien and conquer the course like never before. Get your hands on the Star Alien today and experience disc golf like never before. Beam yourself up to greatness!