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Discraft - Malta - ESP - Midrange

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Introducing the Discraft ESP Malta—the midrange disc that provides stability in any wind, distance like a buzzz, and control like a zone. With this versatile disc, you will feel confident throwing in any type of weather or on any terrain.

The Malta's high-grade ESP plastic offers superior grip to give players those tight turning shots over short distances and controlled drives on long holes. The swirly ESP plastic has a great grip, is super durable, and looks amazing. This makes the Discraft ESP Malta ideal for amateurs just starting out as well as seasoned pros who have been playing for years.

When thrown, the Esp Malta has a dependable and uniform fade at the end of its flight - providing precision every throw. It's an incredibly reliable disc that’s perfect for precise placement when you need it most! Its beefy rim offers stability on faster arms speeds while providing excellent resistance against strong headwinds.

Whether you're into casual weekend trying or competing in professional tournaments, the Discraft ESP Malta is surely what you need to up your game! Perfectly balanced in terms of speed, glide, and turn – this disc will provide you with superior control as well as surprising distance - no matter the situation or conditions!

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