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Discmania - P2 - D-Line - Grateful Dead Jerry Bears


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Get ready to make the most out of each and every one of your putts with the Discmania Grateful Dead Flex 2 D-Line P2 (Dancing Bears). This eye-catching, yet highly-controllable thrower is the result of a decade of work by our disc golf experts. Read on to discover why this piece of plastic should top your bag and will see you dancing rejoyce, in celebration for many rounds to come.

The P2 is the gold standard when it comes to putters – and we think it deserves an upgrade. The D-Line plastic used in this design has a special texture so no matter rain, shine or mud, you’ll have superior grip that just won’t let go, with no worry about slippage on those all important, close up shots. That means improved accuracy ratings giving you more confidence than ever next time you stand over that crucial birdie putt.

But it doesn’t stop there - added flexibility gives you complete control over flight characteristics like never before. You can tailor its hardness perfectly to suit your style without being restricted by “cookie cutter” performance standards. So hit your sweet spot and experience dependable fade allowing for perfect chain hitting action as the unique Dancing Bears on each disc gracefully soar through the air towards its bullseye destination!